The Soul of Andalucia

Plaza de Espana with reflection. Seville, Spain

The Soul of Andalucia

Barcelona Zero Limits is passionate about sharing our knowledge of local culture with those travelers who are seeking an authentic experience. Centuries-old traditions have to do not only with history but also with the foods and wines that hail from exceptional rural environments.
Spain has many cities with a very rich historical past. The culture and traditions of the cities proposed in this tur are the result of historical events with global impact. Barcelona Zero Limits invite you to explore Spain.
Get toknow the culture and customs of the region.
A program diversified in content and rich in cultural activities based in culture, traditions and gastronomic experiences, it is also a program totally accessible; therefore, it is the perfect choice to free your senses!

Trip to Sevilla (1/2 day, free afternoon)

  • Arrival at Sevilla, where you will stay at a 3 * or 4 * hotel.Time to rest.
  • Free afternoon to explore the city, shopping or do another a ctivity to your liking.
  • Finish the day enjoying some tapas and Flamenco Dancing!!

Secret Sevilla *

  • Discover the soul of Seville through this monumental World Heritage tour: its Islamic past, Christian roots and Jewish legacy.
  • Did you know that the Cathedral of Seville is the third largest of the world ? Built on the remains of a mosque,¡900years of history!
  • Three palaces, royal chambers, centenary gardens and chapels which take us deep into different history periods…scenery of many dynasties as well as cinema and serials like Game of Thrones.
  • You will discover the Alcazar, Santa Cruz Quarter and the Cathedral of Seville with an official guide, finishing the visit with an incredible view from th e Giralda tower.

Expend the day in Córdoba*

  • Full tour by the city of Cordoba. In this tour you will discover the history of the old Córdoba.
  • Jewish Quarter, where we will discuss the origin of this city and of Sephardic Jews in the Plaza del Cardenal Salazar.
  • The Chapel of St. Bartholomew, the best example of Moorish art in our city.
  • Jews pass by the street and see the synagogue, place of worship for this population and one of the three best preserved in Spain.
  • Finally, we end up changing the Jewish religious culture, as we shall see the Baths Caliphate, an example of one of the many bathrooms that made the Muslims in this area.
  • The next part of the tour is the Alcázar de los Reyes Cristianos, ancient palace and fortress of s. XIV and the scene of important events such as the visit of Christopher Columbus. Also we appreciate here Roman elements such as mosaics and sarcophagus, and, of course, impressive gardens.
  • Finally, we can enter the Grand Mosque-Cathedral, symbol of Cordoba, whose sequence of arcs of two colors will lead you to an absolute abstraction. They can marvel at the richness of the mihrab and, of course, see in it the Cathedral built after the Christian conquest.

Trip to Málaga (1/2 day, free afternoon)

  • Arrival at Sevilla, where you will stay at a 3 * or 4 * hotel.Time to rest.
  • Free afternoon to explore the city, shopping or do another activity to your liking.
  • Finish the day enjoying some tapas in the Tapas tour around Málaga!!

Expolore Málaga Tour*

  • Learn about the most important events in Malaga ́s history. Full of legends, funny facts and tales.
  • The birth of the city with the arrival of the Phoenicians, the Carthaginians passing through during Punic Wars, the remains and culture left to us by the Romans and Visigoths, the interesting Arabic castles with their ingenious defense systems and the conversion made by the Christians after the Reconquest.
  • Explore the most important monuments in Malaga as the Cathedral, the Roman Theatre, the Muslim Castles and a lot more!

Enjoy Marbella

  • Enjoy a wonderful day in beautiful Marvella.
  • Sunbathing, swimming in quiet Mediterranean waters, having lunch in a beachside restaurant, enjoying a drink in an exclusive beach club, these are just some of the options open to you on the 27.9 kms of Marbella’s beaches, the finest on the Costa del Sol.

Discover The Alhambra of Granada*

  • Discover this unique Medieval Muslim City, the best preserved in the world, the Alhambra, visiting Palacios, Mexuar, Comares, Lions, Generalife; walking through the courtyards of the myrtles, the fence, the ditch, the Sultana; and enjoying their gardens Partal, of course Medina and Generalife with its graceful fountains, its labyrinthine design …

Return to the Málaga Airport or Train station

  • Transport to the Málaga Airport or Train Station.
  • End of the tour.

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