Terms & Conditions

Confirmation or cancellation of the services that Barcelona Zero Limits markets its own products for which it requires the collaboration of other firms and suppliers, such as for example its private tours that include the sale of admission tickets, or tours for which transport must be booked, or tours that require a minimum number of participants, etc. In such cases, the customer shall consider the service as having been notified at the time of purchase; however, Barcelona Zero Limits shall have 48 hours in which to cancel it if any incident should arise in connection with the provision of the service (events of force majeure or reasons beyond the control of Barcelona Zero Limits: purchase of admission tickets, booking of transport, etc.).

In the event of cancellation or of the services requested not being available, Barcelona Zero Limits shall contact the customer and offer the following options:

– A refund in full of the amounts paid by the customer to IBarcelona Zero Limits.

– Provision of the services on other dates, if available and if the customer so wishes. The non-availability of the services requested shall not entitle the customer to any compensation other than a refund of the amount paid. In the absence of any communication from Barcelona Zero Limits during this period, the purchase is automatically confirmed.

– Client cancellation of tour or no-show: no refunds will be given to clients who, for whatever reason, cancel tours they have previously reserved or who do not show up for the tour.

– Complaints: clients who wish to file a complaint may fill out a complaint form available at our central office.

– Insurance: Prices quoted on the web do not include medical insurance; clients may arrange private cover if they wish.

In case of cancellation of one or more activities, Barcelona Zero Limits will apply the charges indicated below according to the notice provided by the costumer of the cancellation of the activity:

Notification 10 days or more in advance: 20% of the budget in concept of administrative costs. Return of the 80% of the amount paid by the customer.

Notification between 9 to 5 days in advance: 50% of the budget. Return of the 50% of the amount paid by the customer.

Notification between 4 and 3 days in advance: 75% of the budget. Return of the 25% of the amount paid by the customer.

Notification 2 days in advance or less: 100% of budget. There will be no refound of the amount paid by the customer.